Top 5 links of the past week:

Every so often I run out of original content to write or show this is one of those times so I’d like to direct you to some projects or people who I think are doing really amazing work.

For the techie:


First I’d like to show off DuoLingo the brain child of Luis Von Ahn from Carnegie Mellon University. DuoLingo is a free services that seeks to help you learn a new language from scratch instead of buying software such as Rosetta Stone. The way they do this is they give you sentences to translate to and from one language to another. The really amazing part is that you’re doing actual work: the material that you translating while learning is actual content from somewhere on the web that is getting translated by you and several other users. Check out his presentation at TedX CMU.

You can sign up for the beta at DuoLingo

Rooting of the Playbook:

Looks like BlackBerry has finally met it’s match hackers xpvqus, neuralgic, and cmwdotme have gained root access to the RIM’s Playbook. This is particularly interesting to me, RIM’s hardware is pretty nice but their operating system seems clunky and unwieldy. Maybe just maybe someone will take it upon themselves to port a newer Android OS to this device.

TheVerge article on the rooting of RIM’s Playbook

Siri and X10:

I’m not sure why I’m recommending this link. On one hand it’s really interesting to see what people are doing with the Siri proxy, but on the other hand it’s terribly entertaining. This gentleman appears to have linked Siri with his X10 home automation system. This allows him to give Siri voice commands to control the things that he has linked to his X10; in this case his fireplace and his lights.

For the artist:

The 45 most powerful photos of 2011:

Enough said. The two that are the most moving to me are #25 and #30 they will always be stuck in my mind.

Most Powerful Images of 2011


I recently discovered this website. It’s basically an online storefront for graphic designers but there’s some really inspired work on there it’s definitely worth a look and maybe even purchasing.

Society 6